My Journey

After experiencing a brain haemorrhage, my family, friends and I have been on a challenging journey. Along the way I have learnt some lessons which I feel could be valuable to others who have been affected by brain injury.

Throughout my recovery I decided to document and record my triumphs and struggles in the form of a timeline. It begins in 2012 when I had my brain injury and goes through to present day, providing an insight into my life month by month and year by year.

I hope my story can offer some Positivity, Understanding, Awareness and Love for anyone going through their own journey.


During my recovery, the constant love and support from my family and friends was immeasurable.

To get a better understanding of how those close to me were coping with my brain injury, I asked them to write down their thoughts and feelings. That way, I could get another perspective.

I hope these personal accounts can help anyone going through a recovery and their loved ones.

Wherever you are in your brain recovery, I send you this message: Things can get better over time, as you will see through me.