PAUL Board

Our charity name is an acronym for Positivity, Awareness, Understanding and Love. Through these values, we have developed the PAUL Board to aid recovery for everyone affected. The PAUL Board below sets out the services that we deliver from the PAUL For Brain Recovery centre, please click on the images below to find out more.

Come along and be inspired at the PAUL For Brain Recovery Centre! Using his own personal experiences Paul will deliver talks to inspire and motivate you towards a brighter future. Other brain injury survivors will also offer up their own inspiring stories. The PAUL For Brain Recovery centre offers state of the art equipment enabling us to provide activities for body and mind, aimed at assisting you towards a healthy recovery.


PAUL For Brain Recovery provides workshops in which you can learn about the brain and how best to look after it. These interactive workshops will provide a fascinating insight into the brain and show why it is our most vital organ.


PAUL For Brain Recovery offer first hand advice and tips for families and friends of people affected by brain injury. Here at the PAUL For Brain Recovery Centre you can meet other families that have gone through, or are going through similar problems that you are facing because of brain injury. PAUL For Brain Recovery is a place to access a peer support network so you can discuss issues surrounding brain injury and learn how to deal with them effectively.


PAUL For Brain Recovery will assist you towards taking your life back. PAUL For Brain Recovery will help you make your aspirations become a reality; whether this be in education, employment or simply via a hobby you wish to take up. We will help you find your new path in life!


Here at PAUL For Brain Recovery we provide advice and support so you can access the most appropriate services to you. We have an extensive network of local associates that we can signpost you on to, helping you receive holistic support throughout your recovery journey.


Here at PAUL for Brain Recovery we are fully aware that the road to recovery after suffering a brain injury is a long and arduous one. We want to make sure this journey is less daunting for all involved. We do this by offering specialist support along with insights from other survivors to make recovery more manageable.


We are here to listen to your individual story and have a range of services to guide you through the long road to recovery. We understand the value of having someone to talk to, whether you are going through brain injury recovery yourself or know someone who is. Through listening we hope to give you a sense of belonging thus reduce the burden of the problems you are encountering.


Here at PAUL For Brain Recovery we will assist you in setting some personal goals that are relevant to your individual stage of recovery. We will help your track your personal development, however big or small. Every positive step in recovery is a huge achievement, here at PAUL For Brain Recovery we will help you recognise and celebrate the progress you are making.


Here at PAUL For Brain Recovery we understand the huge impact that brain injury can have on the whole family. We know there is a real need for support for to ensure that a brain injured person can successful integrate back into the family unit. Visit PAUL For Brain recovery to hear first-hand experience of various ways to cope with brain injury and learn which coping strategies can work best for you and your family.


The founder of PAUL For Brain Recovery is a brain injury survivor so understands what you are going through. Paul knows the problems you are facing, which only someone recovering from a brain injury can fully understand. Here at PAUL For Brain Recovery we want you to know that you are not alone; there is a way forward and you can achieve things you never thought possible.