P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery exists to make life easier after brain injury by providing guidance and support to empower all affected by ABI. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of brain injury. 



As a result of accessing support from P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery:

% of our service users reported they were eating healthier.
% of service users reported they feel less anxious.
% of service users reported they have a more active social life.
% of service users reported they feel more in control of their lives.
% of our service users stated that their health had improved to a good level.
% of service users reported they are now engaging in regular exercise.


I have known Paul since my appointment as Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine with the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. His passion and commitment to improving the care of patients with acquired brain injury is unparalleled. His positive and can do attitude is a breath of fresh air in patient advocacy. He constantly seeks to improve upon existing services by his active involvement as well as supporting existing NHS services. He has worked tirelessly to set up a support centre for patients with acquired brain injury to fill an existing gap in service provision in the local area. He acts as a role model to many of our patients and gives hope to a lot of patients who are understandably apprehensive about what the future holds following their brain injury.
Dr Abayomi Salawu MBBS, FWACS, FRCS(I), FHEA
Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Before coming to the PAUL For Brain Recovery Centre I had lost hope and lost a lot of confidence within myself. My world seemed to end the day I had my stroke. I then came across PAUL For Brain Recovery and my life changed for the better. Within weeks of accessing the Centre my life improved. Along the way I was able to start working again and even started to exercise. My confidence has improved and I have made new friends, friends for life. Without the support of the PAUL For Brain Recovery Centre I dread to think where I would be now. So, in short the Centre is an amazing, supporting and loving place, which has helped my recovery a great deal.
We feel it is important to support those making a positive impact within our community and relationships such as the one we have with PAUL For Brain Recovery are mutually beneficial.  Many people we speak to mention our support of PAUL For Brain Recovery, and how we have helped the charity get where it is today. They are aware of the positive impact the charity is having on so many lives, which naturally reflects well on us.
Hudgell Solicitors
In the NHS we put our focus into ensuring that people who have a brain or head injury get the best medical treatment, but we need to recognise that people often need much longer term support and rehabilitation to help them pick up their lives again after such a traumatic experience. That’s why someone like Paul with his personal experience, knowledge and skills has been an inspiration to so many people. His remarkable journey, and his desire to help others in the same position, has led to the launch of the PAUL for Brain Recovery Centre, and we wish him and his team every success.
Emma Latimer
NHS Hull CCG Chief Officer
Since coming to the PAUL For Brain Recovery Centre I have gained more confidence and I am eating healthier. At the centre I am meeting other people going through brain recovery and hearing how they are coping with life. This has helped me as I wasn’t coping and was unable to accept my life after brain injury.
PAUL For Brain Recovery has helped phenomenally in getting my life back on track. I find I receive a great deal of help, support and love at the centre. They have assisted me with my education, career and on benefits issues.

We are delighted to support PAUL For Brain Recovery. The support the organisation provides for sufferers of brain injuries is invaluable and not easily accessible anywhere else locally. The organisation also provides a wealth of support for the families of brain injury patients at a time when most families do not know which way to turn or how to cope. As a local business who have had a real need for these support services we are proud to support the great work that PAUL For Brain Recovery do in our local community.

Eon Media

Supporting PAUL For Brain Recovery has always been close to our hearts, not only on a personal level but as a business too.  We have seen PAUL For Brain Recovery develop through the years and are proud to have supported a service that is much needed throughout the UK.

We stock the PAUL For Brain Recovery merchandise in our store and we have seen an increase in footfall as a result of this.

Poorboy Boutique
Before accessing the PAUL For Brain Recovery Centre we were lost and not sure about our future. Life was not the same after Simon’s injury but with the love and guidance we get from PAUL For Brain Recovery, we will get through this. The support we have had and still have is second to non, and we are so grateful to be supported by such a brilliant team.

The Cobus Communications team have supported PAUL for Brain Recovery for the past two years, as part of our nominated charity foundation, and we are proud to have helped it grow from modest beginnings to what it has become today. We strongly believe that it’s every businesses responsibility to give something back to the local community and it’s encouraging that the whole Cobus team recognise this and get actively involved. As well as the appreciation from the charity it’s also very rewarding for the business in that it helps to promote real team spirit and togetherness outside the regular business activities, it also helps promote a positive internal and external image and demonstrates a real passion within its staffing and operations. The charity has also introduced Cobus to several new contacts that have enabled some positive and reciprocal business networking opportunities.

Cobus Communications
Before coming to the PAUL For Brain Recovery Centre I was depressed, stagnating and lonely. Since coming here I have an improved attitude to life. I have a much healthier lifestyle as I am now walking and cycling. The centre is a caring, warm and friendly place with many people going through similar experiences to me. The staff here are kind and understanding and provide an excellent service.

We believe that supporting a charity should be something every business does, however big or small it is. As well as giving back and helping do good, it also brings lots of business benefits. For example, raising the businesses’ profile, developing corporate relationships, enhancing staff team building and also strengthening the businesses’ reputation.

Bambu Community has loved supporting Paul For Brain so much that we will continue to do so for another 12 months!

Bambu Scaffolding

We selected PAUL for Brain Recovery as our charity of the year for a number of reasons. Firstly, we understand how valuable their work is in the community and we have seen firsthand the positive impact they have on the lives of many people, as well as the love and compassion that they show in their work. It is an amazing charity and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work alongside them.

Marks and Spencer (Anlaby)
Without the Paul For Brain Recovery Centre my struggle to adapt to life after my accident would have been immense. Many thanks to you all!
PAUL For Brain Recovery helped Sheralee and myself a great deal when we didn’t have any idea on the issues we faced. Paul and the team have made us feel so at ease with all our problems. We really appreciate all the work they have done for us both. The centre helped us feel part of a family that joins together to help each other. Keep up the good work and remember - Positivity, Awareness, Understanding and Love!
Simon & Sheralee
Coming to the centre has helped me on the social aspects of brain injury. The staff at the centre are great - they are supportive and understanding.



My name is Paul Spence. In 2012 I was attacked without provocation whilst out with family and friends. I subsequently suffered a frontal lobe brain injury which blew my life to pieces on every level you can imagine!

I was left facing a 2/3 year recovery and told at the end I wouldn’t be the same.

In 2014, 2 years after my brain injury I decided to create a timeline of my recovery. I did this after realising there was a lack of support, understanding and awareness in the community. I hoped that my real life insight into how it is to live with a brain injury, the challenges faced and my advice would help people affected, whilst also raising that much needed awareness.

At this time I was still struggling with my own journey, making sense of my damaged brain and wondering what the future held for me. Despite this I felt my insight could help so set about months of work to document my story. My deficits made compiling the information difficult but I wouldn’t let my injury beat me! I was passionate about making a difference.

I had learnt so much that I couldn’t have explained during my early recovery, I felt it was important to share these insight and advice, thus shining a light for people affected. I was prepared to expose my vulnerability, depression and anxiety to give a rich account of the journey.

This work was all done when I was still recovering so please forgive any poor grammar you may notice. I was just doing my best with the abilities I had, something I pride myself on! I published the timeline on Facebook and then posted my daily activities/thoughts and advice. The chapters highlight key topics for that particular time but overall it’s a timeline so topics may reoccur as you go along the three years of recovery.

Little did I know at the time of publishing just how much of an impact this story would have in the community! It literally changed my life and would see me go on to found PAUL For Brain Recovery!

I hope this provides you with Positivity, Awareness, Understanding and Love and anything else you’re looking for. Best wishes,

Paul x


We have a range of P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery merchandise, which can be bought exclusively at Poorboy Boutique, 17 Humber Street, Fruit Market, Hull, HU1 1TH.