Our Story


In 2012, our Founder, Paul Spence suffered a frontal lobe brain haemorrhage; nothing could have prepared him and his family for the battle of brain recovery. He faced a long and challenging journey, which tested every aspect of his life. Upon leaving hospital, him and his family soon realised that there was a real lack of continuing support in the community.

Paul knows from personal experience that people are often left lost, lonely, confused and vulnerable after brain injury. The injury can have devastating consequences which are life changing for everyone affected and for those reasons, there needs to be somewhere to go, a lifeline, a place to obtain comfort, support, education and inspiration. 

That’s why he set up the charity P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery (Charity Registration No: 1164620). In April 2016 we opened the doors of the area’s first community-based support centre for people recovering from a brain injury.

We work with each service user (and their family) to develop a holistic, person centred care plan that is tailored to their unique requirements. This enables us to celebrate the positive changes they are making in their life, and measure the distance they have travelled on their individual path towards a brighter future.

This support involves helping people regain control of their life after brain injury by giving them a real purpose and hope for the future. We help people in several ways, including:

– Providing one-to-one support sessions offering bespoke, person-centred activities to aid each person’s unique brain recovery journey.

– Giving our brain-injured friends the opportunity to socialise in inspirational environments.

– Providing support and funding to help people get back into education and work.

– Working with partner agencies to provide work experience and volunteer opportunities.

– Encouraging healthy lifestyle choices that aid brain recovery.

– Sourcing specialist, professional services to facilitate recovery, including: aqua therapy, anger management, neurological physiotherapy, benefits advice and speech therapy.

– Offering family support sessions to help with the huge strain that brain injury puts on the whole family unit.