Bill’s 10 Stone Challenge

I recently had the pleasure of a phone call from my cousin Bill. He wanted to catch up and get my thoughts on something. Little did I know he had [...]

I recently had the pleasure of a phone call from my cousin Bill. He wanted to catch up and get my thoughts on something. Little did I know he had a challenge in mind!
We had a meet and he laid his cards on the table. “Im looking to lose weight mate”. To be fair he said he was weighing in at around 30 stone!

“But how can I help?” I replied.

I am proud to say that Bill has been inspired by my story. He seemed interested in the Nutrition/fitness path I have taken. He mentioned the healthy recipes I had done with Al Porto restaurant for body and brain. Bill said he was interested in the brain foods I encourage people to eat for a healthy mind!
He wanted to change his eating habits for a healthy body and brain; that’s why he approached me. As you can imagine I was really delighted. 

The thing is, Bill was thinking big with his vision of losing weight. He has his sights set on 10stone! A mammoth challenge. He wasn’t messing around and immediately asked for sponsor forms. 

“I’m doing this for your charity,” he announced. “It will motivate me and keep me determined!”

We are very thankful that Bill has chosen our charity to fundraise for! Top man:) 

This blog will follow Bills challenge as I think it could be an interesting journey for research with a body/brain healthy diet. He has signed up to weight watchers to get a structured start and  will be implementing brain healthy foods/recipes. We will include those in the Bi-Weekly Blog.

We will review Bills progress each month, recording weight and how he’s feeling.  Here’s Bills Thoughts on week 1 of his challenge –

“I am looking to do this as I am 44 and unfortunately have developed type 2 diabetes due of lack of exercise and poor diet! At the minute I have bad habits, bad routine and a complete lack of thought with food. My role as a lorry driver hasn’t helped. I am looking to change my lifestyle for a healthy active future.” 

Here’s a picture of Bill and I on the first week of his challenge:

Here’s Bill’s start weight:


Good luck Bill, from everyone at Paul For Brain Recovery.

1/12/15 Week 1 of Bills progress:

An amazing first week with a total loss of 12Ibs!!!!   
Well done Bill, obviously sticking to your diet proves that commitment and discipline works! 

8/12/15 Week 2 of Bills Progress:

 Another good week with a 3lb loss! 
Keep up the good work Bill:)

18/12/15 Week 3 of Bills progress:

Going strong with a 7Lb loss!!!!  
That’s the last weigh in for Xmas, I’m sure you’ll all agree, an amazing effort Bill, well done!

Great to hear that Bill has been using some of our recommended brain foods and recipes with his diet. We will be reporting on his favourites in the new year! 

Keep it up Bill. Looking forward to more positive progress in 2016:) 

2/1/16 week 5 

Pleased to announce a 2Lb loss after the Christmas holidays! 

That’s a total loss of 24lbs in 5 weeks. Amazing!

Congrats Bill. I would imagine you will inspire many others with your awesome effort so far mate! 

1/9/16 Week 6 

Keeping up the great work with another  5lbs loss, 

Great work Bill:) 

23/1/16 week 8 

I was pleased to hear that Bill has purchased a bike! Amazing seen as he’s not riden one for 20years. 

Persistence and dedication are paying off with another impressive week! Bill lost another 5lbs! There’s no stopping him. 

That’s a total loss of 2stone and 6Lbs in only 8 weeks! 

Keep up the Awesome work Bill! 

1/2/16 Week 9

Amazing to receive this picture of Bill on his new bike!A massive milestone on this healthy path as Bill hasn’t rode one for 20 years. 

 Bill taking things to the next level on his bike saw another great week with a 4lb loss.


A 2 stone 10Lb loss means Bill is a quarter way there to achieving his 10Stone target!

We’re right behind you Bill. Keep it up! 

15/2/16 – Week 11

Another great week for Bill with another 5lbs loss!   

This means that Bill has lost 3 stone in 11 weeks. Amazing progress! 

He is over a third way through is overall 10stone target. 

6/3/16 – Week 14

Another impressive 7lb loss!  
In 14 weeks that’s a 50lb weight loss or 3 and half stone!!!!

Congratulations Bill, your showing everyone what can be achieved given the correct mindset and disapline. We think your story will inspire others. Keep it the fantastic work.  

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