There was a buzz on the streets of our city recently, Hull came to life in a positive fashion for the Hull Marathon!
We were delighted to be part of a superb day for the city and for our charity. Great support for our cause meant that we entered three relay teams this year. This was real progress after our one team in 2015.

Teams were made up of our brain injured friends, charity committee members and kind hearted members of the public.

You could feel the positive spirit for the event even whilst we were on route to the city with people wishing us good luck in the petrol station! It was a nice feeling.

Meeting up at Hull College was awesome, giving us chance to speak to our teams and thank them for there support.

It was a nice start with the sun shining and they was off at 9. Great to see all the support from spectators clapping and cheering everyone on!

The streets were filled with supporters throughout and was especially nice to hear people shouting our charity name as our runners went by……it gave us a massive boost, so many thanks if that was you!

You could feel a real sense of goodwill with a great community feeling. It felt really heart warming to see a mixed ability of runners digging deep and supporting each other with positive encouragement. The claps from the paths and sweets handed out were a boost. It created an awesome sense of humanity. We had some fun along the way.

Pleased to say that all our runners finished safely, doing themselves and the charity proud. We are really thankful for all there amazing efforts.

Congrats and cheers to everyone involved in the Hull Marathon event, we loved it!

A massive thanks to all our runners supporters and sponsors, we fully appreciate everything you do for us,