I planned to take on my first overseas challenge in Ibiza!

I aimed to do 4 marathons in 4 days to cover a full lap of the island.

It would be without a doubt my biggest challenge to date.

At the time of planning this event I had never ran 1 marathon never mind 4.

I chose Ibiza as I was familiar with the island through holidays there.

I wanted to show that despite my injury I didn’t have to miss out on the magic island, I would just do things differently!

This way I would get to see the beauty of the whole island.

This would be an amazing achievement. No one could have predicted I would be capable of doing this at the start of my recovery.

It would be a message that anything is possible and not to give up!

To complete this challenge safely I would need to take a support team with me. I formed a team of including friends and recruited others –

  • Support rider – Riccardo
  • Support driver – Tony
  • Physio – Ollie
  • Videographer – Ricky

Fortunately I had great local and Global support with sponsors who supported the challenge –

  • Stratton Jionery
  • Al Porto restaurant
  • Poorboy Boutique
  • Hot Creations music

I was very fortunate to get in contact with 2 fantastic guys on the island who plotted the routes.

These guys even agreed to run the marathons with me!!

We had Jonny Lee in the south and James Allchurch in the north.

Money raised from this event was for the new charity –

PAUL – Helping with life after brain injury.

Here is an article written about my coastline challenge by the biggest website on the island


I am very proud to say that we safely and successfully completed the ambition of 4 marathons in 4 days. It was more than I had ever imagined in every way!

It was so much tougher than I expected but just as equally rewarding. Visually it was just stunningly beautiful.
Special thanks to my team who did a marvellous job under very tough circumstances. Very proud of them all!

We are pleased to say we raised £2500 from the event, Thanks to everyone who sponsored!
Here is some footage from our first overseas challenge..