Paul and Al Portos crispy salmon and Potato salad.

Were back with another quick and easy recipe for body & brain. The crispy salmon and potato salad is a great choice if your looking to give your brain a [...]

Were back with another quick and easy recipe for body & brain.

The crispy salmon and potato salad is a great choice if your looking to give your brain a boost.

Here’s what you will need –

Salmon fillet, potato, garlic, basil, onion, cucumber, chilli, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil.

  First of all slice your potatoes and cut your salmon into chunks & Cut up your salad. Peel your cucumber for the bed of the dish – First of all Pan fry your salmon and potatoes in extra virgin olive oil. Once there cooked throw in the rest of your ingredients for a few minutes.

You should have something that looks like this –

 Looking tasty eh:)

Once cooked to your liking serve on a plate. For nice presentation –

  • Lay cucumber bed.
  • Lay potatoes neatly to a side.
  • Serve the rest of ingredients on top.

Your dish is Served – Enjoy:)

A quick and easy dish that’s ideal during brain recovery.

Here’s a few reasons why it’s good for the brain –

Salmon Fillet –   Salmon is topping the charts as one of the best brain foods. Your brain is fat, really fat. Sixty percent of it is composed of fatty acids, the long snake-like building blocks of fat molecules required for proper brain structure and function. Fatty acids come in many varieties, yet the brain has a clear favorite — and salmon is packed with it. More than two-thirds of the brain’s fatty acids are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid found primarily in oily fish, although some vegetarian sources exist as well. Metabolically incapable of making DHA on our own, we must obtain it from our diet. DHA is like a warm winter coat for your neurons, or brain cells, making up a majority of their cell membrane, the cell’s outer coating. And just like you wouldn’t want to leave your house in the winter without putting on a coat, you wouldn’t want to starve your brain cells of DHA. This essential fatty acid protects neurons from injury, reduces cerebral inflammation, helps produce neurotransmitters that tell cells what to do and is essential for quick information transfer down the axon, the neuron’s highway.

Garlic – Improved Memory and Learning. With age, memory and cognitive changes may occur. Parts of the brain linked to learning, memory, planning and other cognitive functions may shrink as you get older. In addition, decreased blood flow to the brain because of narrowing of the arteries, free radical damage to cells and increased inflammation in the brain may occur, all of which affects cognitive functioning. Garlic’s inflammation-reducing properties may be beneficial for your brain. An article published in “The American Society for Nutritional Sciences” in 2001 noted that aged garlic extract, known as AGE, may play a part in protecting against brain function loss, as indicated by its ability to increase memory, cognitive functions and longevity.

Tomatoes – Lycopene-rich tomatoes have been found to help individuals maintain optimal brain health for longer, enabling their bodies to stave off the impact of damage that’s caused by free radicals, which progressively damage the brain over time, resulting in an age-related decline in mental capabilities.

Onions – Adding onions to your diet also increases your intake of vitamin B-6, or pyridoxine. You use vitamin B-6 to metabolize glucose, the primary source of fuel for your nerve cells. It also helps you make serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals involved in brain communication that support good mental health.

Extra virgin olive oil – Nutrition data shows that it’s a good source of vitamins E and vitamin K. Vitamin E prevents mental decline as we age. Vitamin E, especially in the presence of vitamin C, works to maintain a good memory and slows memory loss.

So there’s a few reasons why this quick and easy  dish is great for the brain.

It’s a thumbs up from me:)

Special Thanks to Tony and Caroline for supporting x

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