Paul For Brain Recovery gets Charity Registration!

I was delighted to get some amazing news this week; after a long wait it feels fantastic to announce that Paul For Brain Recovery is now officially recognised by the [...]

I was delighted to get some amazing news this week; after a long wait it feels fantastic to announce that Paul For Brain Recovery is now officially recognised by the U.K charity commission with its Registration number being 1164620.   

Our organisation is overjoyed with the news as we have been working hard for some time on acheiving this status.

Thanks to fantastic support from Hudgell Solicitors and 360 Accountants throughout this process. It was a difficult process and without their support it would not have been possible! 

For me personally, it has been a long road, having started with the charity idea back in January 2015. After being through brain recovery myself, I knew first hand what was missing in the community, and wanted to provide a service to fill that gap. A service that would help everybody affected by brain injury. I had two missions: form and register the charity and get a base to provide the support service! A pretty big ambition for anybody, never mind a guy who has a brain injury you might say……… But why not? Anything is possible.

I wasn’t sure how I would do it or what the service would offer initially, but I knew that more was needed and set out to provide it. I didn’t have all the answers, in fact I didn’t have many but I went on nevertheless. As the process become more in depth, I must admit I was quite overwhelmed and frightened at times, but I wasn’t going to chuck the towel in, no way! Having been through brain recovery, I feel I can take anything on. The struggles certainly did make me stronger.

Although I am different after my brain injury and will have life long weaknesses due to my brain damage, I feel very lucky to have recovered like I have; now I feel it’s my duty to help others whilst they are walking the “line of despair” as I call the recovery path. 

I was told I would have a 2/3 year recovery and at the end I wouldn’t be the same. No one should have to walk that path rebuilding their lives, making sense of a new brain without a quality service available in the community. So that’s what I set out to do! 

The registration was something we needed if we wanted to have maximum credibility. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do this alone so seeked help to achieve it. Hudgell solicitors and 360 took on the job. I went to many meetings at first, feeling out of my depth with business people talking about things I hadn’t thought through. Lots of questions were asked, all important ones. I was becoming aware that the registration and service wasn’t going to come easy!

The charity commission only award a registration number to proven organisations. There are stringent rules you must adhere to. Objectives and structure have to be approved. The original name we submitted “PAUL” was rejected and so PAUL For Brain Recovery was formed. 

These 5 amazing trustees make the board for the charity. They have been working alongside me with the development of the charity. Together we are building something special for brain recovery.

Whilst we have been working through the registration process,we have also formed a partnership with Hull CCG and Hudgell Solicitors. I am very proud to say that together we have secured premises in Hull City centre. We will be offering support and guidence to everyone affected by injury injury. 

  I am personally really proud to have gotten to this stage where we will be providing a service, which was missing for myself and others during brain recovery. I have had fantastic support throughout the year. I feel very lucky to have met the right people along my journey who are guiding and supporting the charity and our mission. Below is the Paul For Brain team, including trustees, ambassadors and our mascot Neuro.

The team is working hard behind the scenes to bring you a quality service. I am blessed with the best! 

And so, the two missions I set out to do have been achieved through hard work, determination, persistence and quality support. It’s been quite a rollercoster of emotion, tiring and quite frightening at times. There were times when I wasn’t sure if it was too much to handle and I wasn’t capable, but I wouldn’t let doubt defeat my dreams. I am 1000% committed to this cause. The need for community support is far greater than my fears. I have learnt quickly and implemented coping strategies to help me keep up. Couple that with amazing support and understanding from many people and Paul For Brain Recovery has gained strength and stature. 

Our Charity logo will be a symbol of hope for anyone affected by brain injury.


We were also delighted to announce our first patron of the charity recently. England rugby league coach Steve McNamara will be flying out flag on an International level! 

We are very fortunate to have Steve involved with our charity; he is an amazing addition to the team!

The organisation is formed, partnerships created, premises obtained and registration complete: a truly remarkable acheivemebt by all!  

 I never imagined any of this would be possible a year ago! Never in my wildest dreams during early recovery. The belief has been built on not letting anything stop me. My insecurities, worries or vulnerabilities have not stopped me achieving. Yes, I have made mistakes but that’s life. Without risk there can’t be growth! We only get stronger and wiser by testing ourselves. 

If anyone is reading this during brain recovery, I send you a message that things can and do get better over time; stay strong and never give up! 

We will see you in 2016 for lots more progress with the charity.

Thanks to all the supporters and sponsors of PAUL For Brain Recovery this year! Your help is making a positive difference for the brain injured in the community. I am very grateful to you all! 

Happy Holidays and merry Christmas,


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