Connor Lynes

Hi my name is Connor Lynes.

I was 14 when I sustained my brain injury in 2015. I have a basiler artery thrombosis caused when I tore an artery in my neck playing rugby league. As a result I suffered 2 strokes, one was a blockage of my brain stem and the other was a bleed on my cerebellum. I am on medication for life and can never play rugby again.

Brief recovery history although I’ve been lucky after 2 strokes, I have weakness in my left arm and my learning and memory has been affected. I get confused easily and sometimes my speech is not so good. My behaviour has changed a lot and I have random shout outs as well as episodes of spacing out which leave me very tired and sometimes irritable and emotional. I have been left with a dangerous clot on my brain which leaves me at high risk of further strokes, despite this I remain very positive and always try to have a smile on my face. I am determined to help others through raising funds for various charity’s and have brought out my own charity shirt and held a fun day.

Connors 3 bits of advice to brain injured are:

1. Don’t give up. Brain injury doesn’t have to be a negative, turn it positive and fight back.

2. Stay around friends and family because brain injury can be a very lonely place if you shut others out, please accept help available.

3. Be yourself and accept the new you. You are unique and amazing.