Josh Newsome

Date of accident: 14th August 2014

Age when accident occurred: 22 years old

About the accident:
Driving home from work on the a1079 and I came off into a tree then bounced off and went upside down. Was in hospital for 4 months.

Physical Injuries:
– Broken neck (c1 fracture)
– Broken arm
– Broke every rib
– Punctured my lung

Brain injury:
Balance, Mobility, speech, spatial awareness, vertebral artery dissection, slight memory issues, weakness down the right and *ataxia on the left.
(*involuntary shaking of the limbs.)

Wouldn’t survive the night to I’ll be lucky if I walk again.

How it’s affected me:
Coming from an active lifestyle with my job and social life this was a big blow. Used to go out every week and my work days being an electrician involved me climbing and speed. The cerebellum in your brain controls the fast fine movements that your body does and in the weaker side (right) this is now near enough non existent.
I had 1 beer and felt the effects of alcohol a lot more and mixing it with affected balance is a recipe for another TBI.
Advice is not to drink before 2 years and not in high quantities if ANY at all.
I was annoyed that this was going to be it for the rest of my life, coming from a quality of life to having nothing, instantly at a young age, I wouldn’t accept it. Being extremely stubborn anyhow this was something I wasn’t going to give up easy.
Now I don’t use an aid to walk, speech has significantly improved, spatial awareness isn’t an issue and the weakness on my right is improving as well as reaction times, ataxia is still there, it will always be there unfortunately, but it’s improved so much now it’s not noticeable. I struggled to read early on because the text would all jumble up, both eyes wouldn’t work together so it made me close one eye to focus just on writing close up. After many eye tests I don’t need to wear glasses it’s because I stretched the nerves in my brain and it just needed time to settle.

Listen to the health professionals advice but listen to yourself as well, there’s only one person who’s going to improve the overall outcome along with time and that is you. You know your own abilities so you can push your abilities and work hard to improve the disabilities you face.

Positive mental attitude is good for the mind and it’s helping me through it and realise that this isn’t the end, this is now the beginning of another life that you’re in control of. Surround yourself with positivity and take all the help your family and friends offer. Don’t be embarrassed or too proud to accept help off anyone because you will need help until you can do things for yourself again.
Don’t lose hope, things are bad or can be bad when you’re facing challenges you never thought you’d have to before but things do get a lot better as time goes on and you keeping pushing to get close to where you was before is how you’ll achieve them goals and outcome.
Don’t be naive like I was and think you can eat what you want and not be as mobile.