Martin Gray

Date of Injury: August 2015
Type of Brain Injury: Traumatic brain injury: Coup-Contrecoup

In 2005 I was involved in a serious car accident. I was thrown through the drivers side window and severed my external carotid artery. From the accident, doctors told me my brain had slammed into one side of my skull which sent shock waves throughout my brain; this is known as Coup-Contrecoup, which would result in it taking about 3 years for my brain to settle back down and for the movement to stop.

Three things I found the Hardest after my brain injury:
– Not being able to focus, examples, following lines of conversation and trying to listen when surrounded by exterior noise.

– Memory, I would suffer and still do with both short and long term. I constantly have to make notes for myself. Also, any interruptions whilst working on a task would result in forgetting where I was up to.

– People not fully understanding my situation, thinking as I looked fine as my physical injuries healed, mentally I must have too.

Three bits of Advice:
– To take the time to personally understand what your injury is, and to not feel bad in knowing what you need for your own recovery.

– To be honest and up front with those around you regarding what support and help you need. Even if this means you have to ask for it.

– But; on the other hand to not feel pressure from others, having to justify, almost apologise for why you are no longer like the person you was before the injury.