Matt Burke

Age: 28 – When accident happened
Admission on the: 18th June 2012
Operation on the: 23rd / 24th June 2012
Time in hospital: A month

Head Injury Type:
Diagnosed Occipitoparietal extra Dural Haematoma Fall…

Operation Procedure:
Craniotomy and removal of extra Dural Haematoma (bleed to the brain on the left side)

Fracture through Lamboid suture on the left side

Had operation as swelling getting bigger causing pressure and not draining blood well or drying up like it should of with head trauma (5 hour operation)

After operation had 2nd blood clot but cleared up itself even tho still had headaches with the pressure and light sensitivity to eyes

Had lumps in back of head for a while as skin fold was repairing itself

A brief insight into my recovery

Whilst in hospital:
Physio – learning to walk with Zimmer frame
Occupational Therapy – help with memory – short-term memory loss

Out of hospital:
Physio – hydro pool – hospital – 3 sessions (stopped due to movement of water – going light headed
Occupational Therapy – home – 6 months
Counselling – on going
Neuro psychologist – on going
Mental health – post-traumatic stress specialist – on going

Head way, gym, swimming, wheelchair basketball – volunteer, play/coach
(Gym first time not wearing hate to hide scar)

3 things I found difficult:
– Dealing with my injury (scar)
– Change in lifestyle – from having everything to then starting from scratch again (moving back home as needed caring for cause of memory)
– Memory loss – not remembering day to day things, appointments, peoples names etc

3 pieces of advice to help others:
– Talk and listen to people on about how your feeling – don’t bottle how your feeling inside
– Don’t let change define you – you are still you deep down just reborn
– Look forward to new positive challenges for a positive future

Head Up, Be Strong, Be Positive