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Who's Paul?

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What’s Paul?

What's Paul?

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Where's Paul?

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Emma Latimer - Chief Officer
Emma Latimer - Chief OfficerNHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group
In the NHS we put our focus into ensuring that people who have a brain or head injury get the best medical treatment, but we need to recognise that people often need much longer term support and rehabilitation to help them pick up their lives again after such a traumatic experience. That’s why someone like Paul with his personal experience, knowledge and skills has been an inspiration to so many people. His remarkable journey, and his desire to help others in the same position, has led to the launch of the PAUL for Brain Recovery Centre, and we wish him and his team every success.
Neil Hudgell - Managing Director
Neil Hudgell - Managing Director Hudgell Solicitors
We are delighted to have Paul as an ambassador for Hudgell Solicitors, he is inspirational and already helping others. We hope that the drop-in centre will be able to help many people and their families through this difficult time, and we’re pleased to provide accommodation for 12 months to get the new project off to a great start. This is a significant step for Paul and his charity, and he deserves great credit for all he has achieved.
Michael Smith - Managing Director
Michael Smith - Managing Director Cobus Communications Group
The Cobus Foundation – a charitable arm of Hull telecoms firm, the Cobus Communications Group selected PAUL – For Brain Recovery as its nominated charity in their 25th Anniversary year. Paul’s passion for sport, nutrition and research as a therapeutic driving force for positive change and influence matched that of Cobus Managing Director Michael Smith who said "I feel there’s a real synergy between both our organisations and the positive outlook and get up and go that Paul brings can only be an exciting step for us all, Cobus are proud to be playing a supportive role."

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